The Best Ideas To Rock Colored Eyeliner27
The Best Ideas To Rock Colored Eyeliner27

37 The Best Ideas To Rock Colored Eyeliner

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Eyes really are the windows to the soul, so why not make the most of what you’ve got? Eyes can be any one’s most beautiful, sexy feature-no matter what color!

Here are some of the best color choices to enhance your lovely eyes.

If you have green eyes…
Purple, taupe, and copper eyeliners paired with deep purple, light violets, warm taupe, golden browns and soft peach shadows will make others green with envy!

If you have blue eyes…
Copper, gold, taupe, and deep brown eyeliners paired with warm browns, copper, taupe, and peach shadows can really make your blue eyes pop!

If you have brown eyes…
Deep brown, gray, charcoal, and dark purple eyeliners paired with golden browns, greens, charcoal, purple, plums, and deep blue shadows can enhance your soulful eyes. Brown Eyes can wear a wide variety of colors so experiment, brown eyed girls!

If you have grey eyes…
Dark brown and charcoal eyeliners paired with cool browns, purples, and charcoal shadows can make the most of your unique and rare grey eyes!

Usually, colors opposite your eye color on the color wheel are going to be the most flattering to your eye color. For example Green is opposite of red. Blue is opposite Orange.

That’s not to say use orange and red eyeshadow! Just find shadows and liners with orange and red undertones or with hints of orange or red in them.

Now, this list is by no means a strict set of rules…these are just suggestions. There are an unlimited amount of colors to experiment with and you may find just the right colors and combinations to really make your eyes stand out!

But for now, test these out and try some experimenting! Makeup should be fun, so play around!