Amazing Ideas Use Winter Snood Women37
Amazing Ideas Use Winter Snood Women37

47 Amazing Ideas Use Winter Snood Women

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Tubular neck scarves or snoods have recently achieved a certain amount of disapproval with the International FA Board. Yet, for both women and men they have become an essential fashion accessory.

They are a totally necessary requirement in the battle against the winter’s chill. Why the objections against this accessory. Essentially it lies with the macho image. Manchester United head, Alex Ferguson, recently stated: “Real men don’t wear snoods.”

The fear is the whole thing is merely the edge to a much more fearsome event – football players wearing skirts! The manager of Arsenal, however, has taken a positive and more practical approach. He even recommends his players wear them if the medical team suggests accordingly.

Snoods are not created equally in looks or fabric. Those you find on the average footballer or supporter differ from those sported by either celebrities or regular Joes and Jills.

Those adorning the necks of footballers resemble the turtle neck of a sweater rather than an actual snood. The footballer variation is shorter and consists of less material.

They lack the capability to cover both neck and head in the same fashion as a true snood. Nor do these truncated versions appear capable of making close to a modern snood’s fashion statement.

Snoods are a regular part of the fashion world. They can be worn:

· Loosely around the neck so they hang in folds down the front
· Tightly tucked against the neck
· Pulled like a hood to cover the neck and head

Store bought snoods allow you only to wear them as noted above. If, instead, you use a silk scarf, you can not only make your own snood, but also adapt it to many other shapes and styles.

A long tube of fabric – which is what a snood boils down to, is identical to a long swathe of silk material. You can tie it in any shape, the fineness of the fabric abetting in concealing the small knot.

If you want to fashion a simple snood, wrap the material around your neck several times until it hangs down your chest. You can leave it tight against your neck or loose, your neck exposed.

Upon reaching the end of the fabric, simply tie the pieces off while placing the knot out-of-sight. Alternatively, you can create a complete head and neck covering using the fabric.

Centre the fabric on top of your head. Take the material down until it covers both of your ears. Cross the fabric in front of your neck before beginning to wrap it around.

When the fabric is at its end, tie the pieces in a simple knot and conceal. You will now be comfy and warm under your fashionable silk snood.