Stylish Mens Style Casual Inspiration Ideas28
Stylish Mens Style Casual Inspiration Ideas28

49 Stylish Mens Style Casual Inspiration Ideas

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Picking the right casual shirt can be a trying process, especially if you’re not fashion conscious. This article should give you a good idea of the steps to take when picking out a casual shirt, and help to make the process a little more straightforward.

Essentially, the aim is to end up with a shirt that provides the best possible value.

1. Sizing. If you haven’t been measured before, do so. Most good department stores or shirt stores will be able to provide you with your measurements.

This is the first step in finding that perfect mens casual shirt. Although it may seem like a hassle, understanding your measurements is essential to choosing a shirt that fits, is comfortable, and looks good.

2.Shirt quality. Although it may be tempting to purchase a cheaper shirt, it will be more expensive in the long run as the cheaper quality fabrics are likely to be less comfortable and less durable.

Remember, we’re looking for value and something that will add value to the shirt is longevity. So, to that end, look for good quality 100% cotton or silk shirts (keep in mind, though, that these may be more difficult to iron!).

Another sign of quality is the stitching, so pay close attention to this detail. The stitching on a casual shirt should be strong but also discreet. Ensure that none of the stitching is fraying.

3.Colours and Style. Blue is the safest colour that you can choose. This should go with most of your wardrobe. However, if you want to inject some personality into your outfit, go with some brighter colours such as bright pink, green or even orange.

The safest choice of pattern is none at all. A solid colour shirt will be much easier to match with than a patterned shirt. If you do decide to go with a pattern, ensure that it is relatively understated unless you really want to make a statement.

Remember, the bolder the pattern, the less likely the shirt is to match with the rest of your wardrobe. As for the style, a tailored fit (or slim fit) shirt should be worn by slimmer men, and a standard fit will suit you better if you are a little larger, masking the stomach area slightly.

These three short tips should help you begin to choose that perfect mens casual shirt. You can now save time, walk into a store with confidence, and buy the perfect shirt in no time at all.