Lovely Pink Gawn For Valentine14
Lovely Pink Gawn For Valentine14

37 Lovely Pink Gawn for Valentine

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Pink dresses for Fall ?

Hey, why not?

Black is big for Fall and Winter. So is gray. A shot of red livens up the sea of gray and black.

Yet all black, or predominantly gray clothes, though versatile, classy and practical, when worn by virtually everyone, looks more like uniform. Predominantly

black or gray outfits that are so popular this season might be easy to wear but they wouldn’t turn heads the way a shot of color might.

Red stands out from the sea of neutrals, but not everyone looks great in red. It takes a fair bit of confidence to carry off the color. Also, with red, you would either look like a siren, a vamp, a movie star or a fire engine. If you are afraid of being mistaken for a fire engine but would like to look better

than the uniform-clad woman, try a pink dress.

Why pink?

For one thing, jewel tones are in.

Ruby red, sapphire blue, topaz yellow and amethyst purple would complement this season’s blacks and grays beautifully. So would pink sapphire.

Why follow the crowd?

While everyone else wears what the runways dictate, you turn heads with a genuinely pretty color that flatters all women. Dresses in a retro style are another hot look this season.

Flamingo pink dresses would look fabulous on a woman with warm skin tones, while fuschia looks wonderful on women with cool skin tones. Strong pinks like these look amazing with black. Wear a glamorous strong pink dress and match that with black accessories for day and metallic accessories for night.

Another look for Fall is softer. More muted, as seen in the grays and beiges. Your version of that look can be with a pale pink dress. Light pink goes very well with tan or nude accessories as well as with grays and beiges.