Best Medium Bob Hairstyle36
Best Medium Bob Hairstyle36

41 Best Medium Bob Hairstyle

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Do you love your long tresses but are finding it hard to maintain? Are you in doubt whether to cut your long hair into a short, sleek style, which is easy to maintain?

Then a medium length hairstyle could be the best option for you. The medium length hairstyle is easier and quicker to style than long hair and it offers more versatility than shorter styles.

The med length style is perhaps the perfect length of hair in which to try fresh color techniques and dazzling highlights will make this style stand out from the rest. Some of the best and most popular hairstyles can be conceived with this length of hair.

The best thing about mid length styles is they usually compliment most face shapes and the options are innumerable. The most popular mid-length styles for 2010 include the bouncy curled bob, shaggy layered bob and the straight cut with side fringe pulled from a crooked part.

The best and most common way to achieve different looks with these new hairstyles is by changing the layout of the hair, which is making straight to curly or vice versa. You can also change the arrangement of bangs to achieve a different look. Slightly sweeping the bangs with small curls at the tips is a very sensual allure.

You can also scrunch your natural curls to create a medium length hairstyle, which can be carried with √©lan. An all-time favorite look in a mid length hairstyle is the shag which is a sleek multi-layer cut with split front bangs marginally covering the face. If you are on the party circuit this holiday season it’s a happening style.

A medium curled out bob where the bangs are parted and sleek while the ends are crimped and tousled is also another in look that you can sport if you are fond of this length hair.

In fact the options are varied with medium length hair, and you have a wide array to choose from. Check out celebrities like Courtney Cox Arquette and Nicole Ritchie, both of whom are always sporting great medium length hairstyles.

It is always smart to consult your hairstylist and choose a style that suits you the best. Keep on adding variations like curls, layers and bangs to it so that you achieve a new look every time.

Remember, however, that though medium length hair is not as tough to maintain as long hair, it still needs some maintenance. Therefore, if you are fond of the medium length hairstyle, make sure that apart from styling it, you also spend some time to take care of it.