Best Victoria Beckhams Fashion Look To Copy Right Now29
Best Victoria Beckhams Fashion Look To Copy Right Now29

48 Best Victoria Beckhams Fashion Look To Copy Right Now

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Victoria Beckham has just launched her second collection of designer clothes in New York and it would seem that this collection has been received well by the fashion critics.

I have to say that apart from the price tag (ranging from £900 to £4000) these clothes look wearable, even for the average woman, not just film stars, pop singers and socialites.

The dresses are chic and cut simply with a great deal of attention to detail. Unlike some designers whose cat walk collections are prototype exaggerations of clothes women might wear, Victoria’s range is definitely ready to wear.

I can’t help thinking that Victoria has designed clothes with her own body shape in mind, but who can blame her! What woman wouldn’t like the opportunity to have clothes made to exactly to her taste and body shape?

Often, when I am looking for clothes, I have a very definite idea in my mind of what I am looking for, and often I have to compromise on colour or cut. Imagine being able to pick something up and have it made in a different colour!

Victoria Beckham is tiny and has a perfect hourglass figure. The clothes in her collection are cut for curves and narrow shoulders. An “inverted triangle” might struggle with the boat neck lines which would accentuate the breadth of the shoulder and the draping fabrics and fitted waist lines would be challenging for “rectangles”.

Most of the dresses are in basic neutral colours that will withstand the years and the designs are classic enough to last more than one season.

I am somewhat skeptical about how much “designing” Victoria has done. Designers train for years at art school and still don’t make it. I wonder if she actually draws the pictures herself or whether she has a “sketcher” who puts her ideas into drawings.

I have no doubt that she has put a great deal of thought into what she wanted to achieve and made all the decisions about the final cut. Her detailed knowledge of every dress is very evident.

While I cannot justify the price tag, I am glad to see a collection of attractive and interesting yet wearable clothes and I wish Victoria Beckham well with this venture.