Best V Neck Shirt Models28
Best V Neck Shirt Models28

37 Best V Neck Shirt Models

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If you’ve recently used any of your five senses, you might have noticed the growth of the popularity of the v-neck shirt.

Guys everywhere now think that since they’re riding the bandwagon, they have an acute sense of style and are hereby qualified to give you unsolicited advice about your wardrobe. Just laugh when you get a “tip;” a v-neck can be stylish, but simply wearing one does not make you stylish.

V-neck shirts vary across brands more (by far) than other articles of clothing. The cut, depth, and length varies greatly, as manufacturers look to ensure that their brand of overpriced cotton as the standard for cool guys everywhere and put a big premium on it to fatten their profit margins.

I can’t fault a company for wanting to make money, but this means that we have to do a lot of searching to find a good quality v-neck.

Depth, in my opinion, is the most important attribute in any v-neck. The cut shouldn’t be too wide or deep in the front; my general rule of thumb is that if it barely reaches my chest hair it’s fine, but if I look like I’m in an obscure indie pop band, I tend to stay away. If you are in an indie pop/rock band, go crazy.

Chances are your eccentric sense of style will help you get a record deal and become mainstream for good. A good v-neck also should sit on your shoulders so that the cut starts to slant just outside your neck. This helps because it will make you look much bigger, assuming that you have a bit of definition in your shoulders.

Cut and fit in a v-neck should be similar to what you would look for in a crew neck t-shirt. Most brands will offer a “modern fit,” which is slimmer on the sides and around the waist for more athletic body types. This cut is ideal in my opinion, especially if you can find a brand that fits your body type well.

Express carries v-necks that fit an athletic body best, but most big-box retailers like Macy’s and Nordstrom will feature a wide selection of brands to choose from. Trying on a v-neck is more important than you think, so scouring the web may not be ideal until you find a brand that fits you well.

Getting in shape also helps, as an increasing number of brands are making a definitive move toward a tighter, trimmer fit across their lines. The bottom line is, if you’re anywhere near fit and you take the above factors into consideration, you’ll be able to find a v-neck that will make you look your best (and possibly conceal your doughy stomach).