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Why do people get dressed up? Is it to show off, to look their best, or simply to conform to some established standard? These are compelling questions for which there are many answers. But what we can tell you without reservation is that the rules have been relaxed over the past fifty or sixty years. Men and women are far more likely to dress casually even in more formal settings.

It would have been unthinkable for a man to enter an office in anything less than a three-piece suit forty years ago. Now, it is not at all uncommon for men to dress in sweaters and slacks at work! What has changed? Well, we’ll leave that for another time. In this article we want to talk about the few times people actually dress up these days.

Fashion has a definite effect on how people approach and respond to a given situation. When an individual takes the time to pick out a new suit, he knows that he getting ready for a special event. This goes double for a dress. And as they prepare, they approach the situation with a certain degree of seriousness. Make no mistake about it, getting dressed to the nines is a ritual and it leaves a lasting impression.

Guys have always had it easier. For most special events, they can choose between a dark suit and a tuxedo. But the girls have a world of options from which to choose, and there are very few rules that tell them what to wear and when. Let us take a moment to review a few of the most important dresses for women.

Prom Dresses

The first formal dress most girls ever wear is their prom dress. Girls can choose from a variety of styles, colors and lengths of dresses. Because modern proms are quite active, what with all the dancing, girls usually select dresses with slightly higher hemlines than they did in the past.

Ball gowns, for instance, are not nearly as popular at proms as they once were. Since the prom dress is often the first formal dress a girl will wear, it is important to listen to the experts at the dress shop when it comes to the different styles, cuts and silhouettes.

Every girl has a slightly different shape and specific cuts and styles are designed to flatter different figures. A dress that looks great on a petite girl probably won’t look so hot on a girl who has more prominent curves. Prom is generally a young girl’s first experience with formal gowns and it will prepare her for even more important events, like her wedding day.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to find a gown that feels comfortable. Prom is a formal event, but it is also supposed to be fun. Purchasing a heavy dress that doesn’t breathe will all but guarantee you’ll be dead on your feet before the last dance. In the end, it is always best to purchase a dress that you are comfortable with. Remember, you aren’t walking down the aisle just yet. There’s no need to be uncomfortable for the sake of fashion.

Cocktail Dress

Some dresses toe the border between formal and casual wear. The cocktail dress has been famous since the Roaring Twenties. In spite of its longevity, there remains a simple definition as to what it actually is. A cocktail dress is typically a semi-formal number that has a medium-length hemline and is worn at formal parties and get-togethers.

The most famous cocktail dress is the classic little black dress, which became popular in 1960s. Every professional woman should have at least one killer cocktail dress. These little numbers can be worn at Christmas or office parties or even to the theater, the opera or the ballet. Prada and Balenciaga are famous for their arresting cocktail dress designs.

Wedding Dress

Now we’ve reached the net plus ultra. A wedding dress is the most important outfit a woman will ever wear. We know this because most women are deadly serious when it comes to selecting a dress. By comparison, men are unwitting amateurs. They take an afternoon to get fitted for a tuxedo and they’re done.

But for the bride-to-be, choosing a dress is a process. It can take days, even weeks. In fact, the average woman starts looking for her wedding dress nine to twelve months before her big day. The buildup and anticipation is beyond anything she will ever experience, sartorially speaking.

What should a woman know before she starts shopping for her wedding dress? More often than not, finding the perfect gown is a group effort. The bride-to-be will often bring along her mother and the maid of honor to the bridal salon with her.

She should consider what they say, but ultimately she must choose a gown that makes her feel good. The process is a bit easier if she knows her body type and figure and which cuts and silhouettes have flattered her form in the past.