Stylish Ways To Wear A Blazer33
Stylish Ways To Wear A Blazer33

37 Stylish Ways To Wear A Blazer

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Blazers are very common with men, which is why it is better if you know different ways of wearing your blazer so that you can exploit in more than one way. A particular way of wearing your blazer can give you a trendier or a less trendy look, but you want to make sure you are on the right side of things.

A first suggestion would be to wear your blazer with a cardigan having the neck shaped in V. This way, you will look stylish and also smart and you will definitely in the right spot in terms of fashion and fashion trends.

Wearing your blazer like this will give the impression that your T-shirt is your second layer of skin and therefore you will not have any part of your chest exposed. You will also feel comfortable and you will have a classic touch which is always something that catches the eye.

Secondly, you can wear it over a plaid shirt, this way being very modern and inspired from the point of view of fashion standards. You can choose a checked shirt in white and blue for instance and this will certainly match your new navy blazer and even your new black one.

If you wear your blazer with a chunky pullover, you will also let people know that you know a few things about fashion, because this seems to be a very popular trend these days. Not only will you look like a gentleman, but you will also look quite formally dressed, which of course, adds up to your image of a well-dressed man.

These are only three of the fashion guidelines you can follow when it comes to blazers and wearing blazers like this, you will definitely make your way through the class of well-dressed people. So, choose the best way to wear this piece of clothing and live up to everyone’s expectations.

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