Fashions For Thin Men30
Fashions For Thin Men30

50 Fashions for Thin Men

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Many people usually ask about the rules to be followed by short and thin men when it comes to choosing clothes. For me, the issue should not be entirely about tough rules for them but more about guidelines and tips. Below are half dozen tips on how to choose clothing for short and thin men.


When considering clothing, the short and skinny people should always shop for clothes made for their own size. This is not just about shopping for cloth labeled “XS” or “S” because they are just clothes for bigger men with some parts slightly reduced. The short men need different clothes with very different proportions which are not typically resized pieces of clothing and one should find stores that deal in short men clothes specifically. You can also take a peek through the boys section in a clothing department although you may not find high quality shirts and trousers meant for adults.

The upper body


Dressing the upper body of short and thin men is where things are very tricky. When dressed coat less one needs a more closely fit shirt on the shoulder and then broadening down on the ribs and chest area to avoid giving an individual an emaciated look. Putting on extra clothing layers is great especially when the weather or occasion allows.

The pattern on clothing for short men especially shirts is recommended to be vertically oriented. This is a particularly good piece of advice for any short and thin man’s wardrobe. The stripped patterns are simple and accepted at almost any formality level and do very well in guiding a person’s gaze up towards ones face. The shirt should also lack unnecessary details and tucking in is also recommended for one to keep simple.

Ties,hats and suspenders.

Ties can also be employed and you should avoid putting on ones brightly colored and with patterns that are catching the eye. Simple dark colors on the tie are great and avoid big knot at the neck. A hat to top the clothing will also go well especially when fitting the occasion and always choose a hat with a pointed crown to match your upward body impression.

The lower body.


A good selection of trousers is another thing to prioritize on your list. One should look for a pair of suitable and fitting trousers that does not allow too much sagging at the thigh and crotch region. Bagginess of trousers would give out a clownish look to other people. The trousers should lack unnecessary details giving it a smooth and unbroken look. The trousers can be matched with a belt or suspender as per the person’s taste. The belt usually makes a horizontal band around the individual cutting his height into two halves while the suspenders mostly encourage the eyes to keep upright and moving forward. The suspender also works very well in giving one a broader front view without any bulging that comes with belts.

Final verdict.

Short and thin men can surely find clothes fitting them by simply following the few tips enlisted above for the best look and style on their clothing.