The Most Essential Makeup Tricks For Older Women40
The Most Essential Makeup Tricks For Older Women40

48 The Most Essential Makeup Tricks For Older Women

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As we enter mid-life, make up is an important part of our beauty and grooming regime. However, several make up rules for women 40 yrs plus are vital if we are to successfully take years off our age and appear brighter and smarter.

1. Ignore much of the beauty features and articles in the media for women in their early twenties and thirties. Generally, fewer tricks that work on younger skin will often have the adverse effect on skin that is older. For example, heavy colouring will more than likely look over done and using white pencils will show.

2. It doesn’t matter how clever you are in applying your make-up, it will not look its best unless you go through the important steps of priming your skin underneath. Cleansing and moisturizing prepares the skin as an artist prepares his paper before adding the paint.

3. Avoid the use of heavy matte make-up. These products cake in and around lines and accentuate signs of aging. If your skin tends to shine, there are many foundations etc that promote ‘shine-free’.

4. Avoid using liquid eyeliners as they cake on the less firmer skin. Instead use smokey kohl pencil to line upper lid and blend into the delicate skin.

5. Always remember the saying – Less Is More. You want your make-up to enhance your natural beauty – to look pretty, but also natural. Too much makeup adds years instantly

6. It is important to always remove your make-up. Make-up left on while you sleep is very damaging and aging for the skin. Remove eye make up carefully without pulling the skin, and a moisturizing cleanser is best for women 40 yrs plus.

7. Finally, after removing your make-up, follow up with a good moisturizer and eye cream. Maintain softness and suppleness of the skin with products that you enjoy and that work for you.

The above make up rules for women 40 yrs plus will enhance your natural beauty and assist in continuing to having you look years younger.