Womans Hair Color Trends In41
Womans Hair Color Trends In41

42 Womans Hair Color Trends In

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Applying hair colors and highlights can really make an eccentric style statement for you. If your hair color compliments your skin tone and eyes, then you can never go wrong with your look.

Woman try different highlights and hair coloring style trends and these trends change every now and then. One can also set their own personal hair style statement by choosing a very unique color and combining it with some bold highlights. Highlights and hair coloring give your over all personality a new edge and there is more to it then just trying to cover up the grey hair.


This year trends are taking a new revolution as the hair styles have been evolving as well. Top hair expert Erin Bogart of Sally Hershberger, New York and Stuart Gavert who is the co-owner of Gavert atelier in Beverly Hills spill some highlights and hair coloring tips for you.

According to Erin Bogart, the surfer look is the latest happening trend in summers for the brunettes. Brunettes with dark hair can have highlighted hair pieces around their face. They can add blond highlighted hair strands around their face and below their chin to get that sun kissed surfer look. This look will accentuate their complexion without making it dull in comparison to the hair.


According to the two hair experts mentioned above, trends for blonds this summer are double-processed blond and pale gold highlights. Bogart suggests that having a platinum hue is high maintenance therefore it cannot be done at home and professional advice should be sought. Pale beige-gold highlights can look perfect on lower maintenance blonds.

Hair expert Stuart Gavert suggests that natural blonds should use a conditioner before going out in sun, in that way sun screen in the conditioner will not only protect from sun’s UV but also make your hair shine which would create natural highlights.

Choose The One That Compliments Your Skin Tone

Both the experts emphasize on choosing the color which best compliments your skin tone, for dark skin tones red, copper and gold highlights can look perfect and for blonds ash highlights would work greatly. Both hair colors and highlights should suit your natural skin color, not undermine it. They also flatter your eye color. Green eyes for example can be complemented by both dark and lighter shades of colors and highlights.

If you are looking for a hair coloring service, check out the various options you have first and then proceed to a reliable hair styling salon who can get you the unique look you have always dreamt of.

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