Beautiful Mens Dress Shirt Collar Styles41
Beautiful Mens Dress Shirt Collar Styles41

45 Beautiful Mens Dress Shirt Collar Styles

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What shirt collar you wear is dependent on the size of your body, the length of your neck, the shape and size of your head and both your personal style and the dress code of your industry.

The button down is classic, but classically used improperly. This is a casual shirt style. The buttons are to avoid your collar flying in your face when you are playing polo or charging the enemy on your horse. Button down shirts are perfect under sweaters, and with a tweed sport coat, or with a tweed tie, but when the silk ties come out, defer to its more dressed up sibling below.

The straight collar is the classic, suitable for any shirt, it is most becoming for better dressing, with ties and suits. Just about any man can wear the collar, which has about a 3 inch spread from point to point. Plan on tying a 4-in-hand tie knot with this collar, the proportions are right for it. This is a conventional, traditional, elegant and completely appropriate selection for any occasion.

More fashion forward, the spread collar has been seen on designer shirts for several years now. The dimension from point to point is closer to 4 inches. This collar could be worn either for style choice, or if the man has a larger scale, larger neck. It would be in nice harmony with a larger knotted tie – a Windsor or Half Windsor.

The full spread, or English Cutaway Collar is the most “stylish” of these 4. The spread might be 5 inches or more. Some younger men like to pair these up with the new slim suits and narrower ties.

There are many other options as well, some are based on style such as Banded collars or collars with eyelets built in for tie bars. Some collars can be chosen to be in scale with the wearer, for example a two button high collar would balance a man with a long neck very nicely.