Stunning Summer Day And Night Fashion Outfits Ideas46
Stunning Summer Day And Night Fashion Outfits Ideas46

47 Stunning Summer Day And Night Fashion Outfits Ideas

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fashion trends reinvented and enhance for the new season and some brand new ones. The main fashion trends are…


Monochrome prints, spots, star and especially striped patterns will ensure you achieve that perfect timeless chic look.


Metallics are still big news this summer but unlike last years full-on bling its toned down and is more subtle.


Create the right impression in the office with some sharp tailoring. There are only a few rules, keep trousers and skirts high waisted and the belt more subtle then last years oversized ones.


Spring sees a welcome to floaty fabrics, prints and folky details – boho chic is back, but this time with added polish. Tiered skirts to smock tops

are given a new lease of life with luxurious fabrics.


The skirt of this Summer is the ‘swishy skirt’. Choose a short yet strong design with a defined waist line and high cut hem.

Bright and Bold

Blow away the cobwebs of those gloomy days and drab greys and blacks with some bright bold colours. Add a much deserved splash of colour to your wardrobe!


Silk, so soft, so luxurious, so light, so Summer! Ensure you have at least one quality mini dress this season for those summer parties and nights out. Just two rules… It must be short and it must be silk.

There is a soft, light-as-air feeling to spring. Sheer silk dresses are so delicate they might fly off at a hint of summer breeze; florals burst into bloom, while sweet violet in all its sugared shades is the new spotlight colour. Feminine, flared and flirty, the dirndl skirt suits the seasons free-spirited mood, and even denim turns soft, in faded blue washes and wispy frayed seams. The ultimate indulgence? Hand-painted fabrics. The emblem you must have? Stars, stars and stars.