Pretty Asian Wedding Updo Hairstyles Ideas46
Pretty Asian Wedding Updo Hairstyles Ideas46

49 Pretty Asian Wedding Updo Hairstyles Ideas

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Asian countries have rich traditional cultural activities and occasions and same is the case with their wedding ceremonies. The wedding ceremonies are unique and traditional as well. The bridal dress, hair and makeup styles are very unique in Asian countries. Lot of the traditional women wear the detailed hairstyles with several hair styles and with a pleasant touch of dramatic make up. The popularity may vary between the Asian countries and for the specific regions but these activities have their significant effects on the modern Asian weddings. Here is the list of traditional wedding bridal hair and makeup styles in different countries of Asia.

The Japanese traditional wedding hair style and bridal make up have their roots in the traditions of Shinto. The bride is bound to adorn herself in such traditions. In general an elaborate piece of headpiece is made for the bride and for the good luck to the newly married couple. Some of the traditional Japanese bride also wears the dark and deep red lipstick. When we talk about the Chinese traditions of wedding, the Chinese have their own traditions regarding to the appearance on the wedding day. The hair and beauty makeup is the main thing to concerns in the wedding and it is the important part of the wedding. The brides undergo the hair makeup for their good luck. The Chinese women also wear the heavy make up according to the skin tone of the bride. Typically the brown and pink shade color make is used by Chinese traditional brides. The red lipstick is also very common among the Chinese women as well.

The Korean traditional weddings are also rich in cultural traditions regarding to the bridal make up and wears the pink and brown color which are most appropriated for their skin tone. Modern touch of culture is also seen on the wedding makeup and on the whole Asian wedding. There are many examples in which the eastern traditional wedding trends are mix p with the modern western styles of bridal hairstyles and for bridal makeup. These combinations of western and Asian traditional styles create a fantastic combination for bridal makeup. In this way the hairstyle of the bride is with western style with simple up-dos and in some other case it just looks like traditional Asian wit a little ornamentation, the use of ribbons and flowers which elude the culture of bride. The make up of bride is quite natural, famine and light colors for the weddings which are closer to the western culture. For options like more traditional you can use the orange, light bronze and peach color for the traditional touch. The color of makeup highly depended upon the bride dress. The application of make up and hair style making is also an important task to do for that purpose you can take the assistance of your close friend, family member or the wedding makeup artist to ensure the proper application of hair style and makeup.