Gorgeous Little Black Summer Dress Ideas25
Gorgeous Little Black Summer Dress Ideas25

47 Gorgeous Little Black Summer Dress Ideas

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Originally made popular in the 1920s the little black dress has been a wardrobe staple of most women for decades since. Simple and easy to accessorize for maximum effect it has ably served generations of women over the years and is likely to do so for the foreseeable future, despite the introduction of other on-trend garments designed to replace it!

Indeed, its major success lies in its simplicity. By using various combinations of shoes, handbags and belts the little black dress can become the basis of a large number of different looks, suitable for a variety of occasions. Although fashions come and go, the little black dress is eternal and will long continue to be an essential item in most women’s wardrobe.

However, this summer there is plenty of alternatives for those who wish to leave the black dress on the hanger and go colourfully bold! Step out in a dazzling flash of colour – the current trend is for deep purples and plums, or bright and flowery. Leopard print dresses will also be popular this season, all available in a variety of lengths to suit a number of different occasions from ultra-smart – such as weddings and other formal events to more casual attire, such as a night out with the girls.

The good news is that all fashion retailers offer a number of bright alternatives to the little black dress this summer. With so many social occasions to attend over the summer introducing a little colour will definitely help sets the mood for the wearer.

Whether classified as evening dresses or summer dresses, adding a touch of colour or banishing black altogether is the way forward. For a more formal evening occasion deep purples and plum colours are de rigueur and for daywear bright and floral, or bright and bold, with high shoes to match.

Although coloured dresses are on-trend this summer, if you can’t entirely let go of the idea of wearing a little black number for formal evenings, then add a splash of colour such as bold greens, reds or blues with the black.

For the daring a definite trend this summer is the single strap dress which shows a fair degree of shoulder and cleavage. However, remember the rule; if flesh is being exposed up top, make sure that the length is suitably modest. That also applies to strapless dresses; blend the right amount of cleavage and leg for a truly classic look.

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