Best Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For Spring And Summer34
Best Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For Spring And Summer34

43 Best Wedding Dress Trends Ideas For Spring And Summer

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While planning a wedding, one of the most important aspects of the entire event is the dress. Described below are the wedding dress designs that have been hitting the runway (and aisle) this spring and summer. From peplums to dazzling beads to keyhole backs, these trends are expected to continue into the remainder.

One trend brides may want to consider is a short skirt. The smaller length allows for more freedom of movement, and diminishes the fuss of trains. Lengths can vary from tea length to a style that rises high above the knee. Styles contrast between flowing skirts to a tighter and more fitted form to a tulle pouf that gathers away from the body.

Dramatic backs are a beautiful way to add more flair to a dress. Examples may include cut-outs, tulle paneling, elaborate lace, draping, or keyhole backs. Keyhole backs are especially effective when edged with lace. These portrait backs are thought to be a very romantic, and sweet way to bring attention to a delicate design. As a bride, all eyes are on you for the majority of your wedding. You are being looked at from all angles, so why not add a sexy, but modest flair when you turn around?

By applying appliqués to a dress, a plain gown can turn into an elegant item. This material is often pieces of fabric or embroidery that are sewn onto the dress to create a design, picture, or certain pattern. Floral appliqués are found to be the most popular. Appliqués can be found in most crafting stores, and can be ordered online in large amounts.

Peplums are continuing their appearance on wedding dresses; cascading, especially. A flowing, draping peplum takes away the structured look of a traditional peplum. This design is a great way to add a more graphic edge to a dress. This design gives the appearance of a smaller waist, while at the same time adding volume and curves to a straighter frame.

While not exactly suitable for a summer wedding, brides may want to consider capes and wraps as types of cover-ups for an early spring, fall, or winter wedding. A cape or wrap also allows for multiple designs for the same dress. Instead of buying an entire new ensemble for the reception or after party, why not just remove (or put on) a beautiful covering piece.

Whether you choose to cover your gown in sparkling jewels, or have twisting gold designs cascading down a dress, “bling” is in. Encrusted sleeves, bodices, or all-over beading are ways to achieve this effect. If you want all eyes on you for the entire night, let the sparkling design of beading be your guide! Shining material can be used, or objects can be applied directly to the gown; tastefully attached to sleeves, the neckline, waist, shoulders or straps. Another way to add flashy attraction is with the veil, a headband, or through ornate jewelry.

Solid color, ombre, two-toned, or colored floral designs are all officially accepted! Gone are the times when traditional, white wedding dresses are the only accepted attire. The trick with finding a color dress is finding the hue that matches your color tone.