Fabulous Shoes Trend Ideas For28
Fabulous Shoes Trend Ideas For28

41 Fabulous Shoes Trend Ideas For

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A lot of girls look to the magazines for style tips and style inspirations. But sometimes, the photos in those magazines are really hard to dissect. Those models have so much going on that it is highly unlikely that you’ll see someone walking around the mall sporting the same things that person is wearing.

To help you get in style and up to date with the trends, here are the top five latest shoe trends for spring and summer.

So, the first shoe trend is the platform heels that have wooden detailing. This trend is very 70’s inspired. Also, the wooden detailing also works with the whole woodsy feel of spring.

A variation of the platform shoe style is the “flatform”. With a platform shoe, the heel is still higher than the ball of your foot. But with a flatform shoe, your whole foot would be at the same height. It’s literally just like walking with blocks of wood attached to the bottom of your foot. But, of course, it should be a lot more comfortable than that.

So, if you are the type of person who can walk in heels like no other, you can take part in the first trend by sporting a pair of wooden platforms. But if you have flat feet and have difficulty walking in heels, you can still take part in the trend by grabbing yourself a pair of flatforms.

Next trend would be colorful shoes. This may sound a bit vague but it is in line with the color blocking trend. Basically, the color blocking trend is wearing things that have a solid color along with other pieces that have different solid colors. So, for example you could be wearing a plain pink shirt with plain blue shorts.

This is where the colorful shoes will come in. Along with the said outfit you can be wearing plain red sneakers or plain yellow sandals and there you have it, a stylish outfit!

The third shoe trend is the espadrille flats. They are definitely very 70’s inspired and as far as I know, they used to be peasant-footwear but we have managed to find a way to make them chic and stylish. Espadrilles typically have rope-weaved soles and canvas is used for the top of the shoes.

Style-wise, espadrilles are essentially very bohemian but preppy counterparts of espadrilles are being introduced in the market. So, whatever your personal style is, you will definitely find a pair of espadrille flats that suit you.

The fourth shoe trend is loafers. Loafers are more on the preppy style and not everybody likes how they look. Loafers are men’s-footwear-inspired and they add that sophisticated element to any outfit.

As I have mentioned, loafers do not appeal to everyone’s style but when styled correctly, they can look amazingly chic on some people.

The last shoe trend comes as no surprise. Sandals always come back every spring and summer and this time around, they are back yet again. Having the sun out and shining, who can resist the opportunity to give their feet a breath of fresh air?

So, those are the top five picks as far as shoes go for this season. But, of course, your personal style should shine through. Do not wear something just because it’s in style even though you don’t like it.

What’s better than following the trend is starting your own.