Cool Boho Rompers Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas For Summer15
Cool Boho Rompers Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas For Summer15

47 Cool Boho Rompers Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas For Summer

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As the summer heat begins to sink in, summer style is hotter than ever. One such style is the oh-so-popular romper that has been seen all over the magazine racks as well as in the movies.

Short rompers are all the rage this summer season because not only are these one-pieced concoctions stylish, they are easy to wear as well. Reminiscent of your toddler years, these little numbers ooze of comfort; however, do not let the comfort fool you they can be sexier than your hottest dress if you allow them to be.

Simply pair a short romper such as Tibi’s daisy mini romper suit with a chain necklace and some long earrings. Top that off with either flip flops or some wedge sandals and you have the perfect outfit to meet your girlfriends for brunch at your favorite dining spot.

Looking for something to wear for that hot date that you have this weekend? Then try Elizabeth and James’ Suzette silk-jersey playsuit. Pair this fashion-forward romper with sky high heels and a simple clutch and you will be the subject of conversation for the night.

This trend might take a while for you to embrace wearing it. Initially, you might even feel a little silly pulling one of these on; however, once you get past the initial fear, you will be addicted.

No matter which occasion you choose to slip into the cute little numbers for, you will be glad you did. The flowing fabrics and loose fit is perfect for the sweltering summer heat.