Attractive Lace Shift Dress Outfit Ideas For Spring33
Attractive Lace Shift Dress Outfit Ideas For Spring33

50 Attractive Lace Shift Dress Outfit Ideas For Spring

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The dress has been a part of every woman’s wardrobe since clothing was first invented. It might well be the oldest style of garment – the crude garments of early man are basically dresses! Over the years, the dress has evolved from a simple garment that is easy to create to an incredibly varied and ever-changing wardrobe staple.

While dresses have run the gamut from huge, heavy garments using reams of fabric to the simplest shift dress, it has always been the small details that set one apart from the other. At no time in history have so many different styles of dresses been acceptable for a woman to wear. From floor-length to barely there, the hemline can be whatever a woman wants. Modest to low-cut, she can show as little or as much skin as she desires.

What really sets a dress apart today are the details of fabric, accents and embellishments, the things that make another woman stop you on the street and ask, “Where did you get that dress!?” Simple touches of lace, glittering additions of rhinestones, strategic cut outs and layers of fabrics are all the ways in which designers create new looks in a time when just about every look has been done.

A simple black dress can be changed into a showstopper with rhinestones or a thick belt in a bright color. Asymmetrical hemlines draw attention and change the line and impact of a dress. Cut-outs are one of the sexiest accents used in dressmaking to add unexpected flashes of skin. These can range from the almost torn look recently reborn out of a popular 80’s fad to a simple keyhole cut out on the neckline that adds a little extra glimpse of cleavage.

A favorite way to add embellishment to a dress is to add beading along the neckline, sometimes in a way that makes it appear the wearer has jewelry on even when she does not. This look appeals to many women for the simplicity of wearing one garment that shines on its own without any accessories needed. It also draws attention to the neckline and the skin revealed there.

Belts or tiebacks are another popular detail on dresses that are both attractive and flattering because they enhance and accent the wearer’s waistline. This helps to create the hourglass figure that most agree is the sexiest silhouette a woman can achieve. Built in tricks of seaming and ruching can achieve the same effect with not quite as much attention drawn to the effort.

Details such as lace along the hemline or slits whether small or long serve to draw the eye to the legs. For a woman who feels her legs are her best feature, these dresses are a great choice to keep attention focused there.

Details are what make a dress, so when shopping choose embellishments that both appeal to you and also are flattering to your figure. With dresses that fit every need and every style and make sure you get asked where you got that dress!