Shabby Chic Spring Outfits Ideas20
Shabby Chic Spring Outfits Ideas20

44 Shabby Chic Spring Outfits Ideas

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Sure, we all have to put our best foot forward when it comes to presenting ourselves day after day in the workplace. But there comes a time when sporting tight, constricting nylons, four-inch heels and button-down blouses can get old fast. If you’re not one to dress down on the weekends and still fancy yourself as a woman about town, try these tricks for dressy shabby chic and feeling completely comfortable on your days of stylish relaxation.

The number one staple of a comfortable shabby chic wardrobe is a great pair of black, full-length leggings. These babies are not an 80’s throwback anymore! And they’re not just for kids, either – paired with the right outfit, your leggings can look sleeker than a pair of pantyhose. And they’re a lot more comfortable than constricting jeans, which don’t allow us to move or breathe the way we’d like to. Find a couple of billowy throw-ons, or longer, blousey tunics or dresses, and keep them on rotation in your wardrobe. Sticking with grays or blacks is always a plus as they’ll be more mix-and-match-able, and they make you appear long and lean no matter how baggy your attire may be. Look for cute, funky patterns, lace trims, and plunging necklines for some added interest.

Tie the look up with a stretchy belt to showcase your waist, and throw on a pair of shin-high black boots with comfy socks underneath. Depending on how fancy you want the look to be, choose a boot that’s right for you. Add a little heel if you are going out on the town, or try a crocheted flat for a grocery store run. Add bangle bracelets, a few loose, mismatched necklaces, and some dangling earrings to dress it all up. If you desire, you can always tie a colorful thin scarf around your neck for added pizzazz. Take comfort in your chic self!